The German-speaking Association of Positive Pychology GAPP was founded in summer 2013.

We hope to achieve the following:

  1. inspire and promote scientific research in Positive Psychology
  2. plan, promote and coordinate training programmes in Applied Positive Psychology
  3. disseminate the insights of Positive Psychology in practice through conferences, congresses and talks as well as publications.

Our Goals

  • GAPP aims at bringing the concept and methods of Positive Psychology to the attention of a broader public in the German-speaking countries.
  • GAPP supports the practical application of PP in areas such as coaching, psychotherapy, education, business and politics.
  • GAPP aims at ensuring high quality of PP application in the German-speaking countries.
  • GAPP wants to serve as a communication platform for initiatives which are rooted in academic application of PP. Guidelines for certification of applied trainings in PP have already been developed.

We cooperate with European and international PP associations such as ENPP Germany and IPPA International Positive Psychology Association.

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