Konferenz Quality of Life: Towards a better Society

Donnerstag, 28. September 2017 - 10:00 bis Samstag, 30. September 2017 - 18:00

Quality of Life: Towards a better Society 

Innsbruck, 28.-30. September 2017

Der Call for Abstracts für die kommende 15. Jahrestagung der International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies ist nun offen: http://www.isqols2017.org
Es handelt sich hierbei um eine interdisziplinäre Tagung (Ökonomie, Soziologie, Psychologie, Politikwissenschaften, etc.).

Das Tagungsthema: Quality of Life: Towards a better Society

Für die Tagung konnten herausragende Internationale Keynote Speaker gewonnen werden (u. a. Prof. John Helliwell, Herausgeber des World Happiness Reports, bzw. http://www.isqols2017.org/speakers).
Neben herausragenden internationalen Keynote Speaker sind auch spezifische Symposia geplant (u.a. drei Symposia mit Beteiligung der OECD).


The International Society for Quality-of-life Studies (ISQOLS) is holding its 15th Conference from September 28th to 30th 2017 in the beautiful city of Innsbruck, Austria. The conference’s theme is “Quality-of-life: Towards a Better Society”.

ISQOLS conferences provide a space for scholars to present their research findings on quality-of-life, well-being, and happiness, as well as to discuss their relevance for policy making. ISQOLS gathers scholars from all corners of the world, from many disciplines, with different methodological and theoretical perspectives, and following different approaches, but with one common goal: generating research-based knowledge to contribute to the well-being in societies.

More information:  http://www.isqols2017.org

Call for abstracts: http://www.isqols2017.org/conference



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