The German-speaking Association of Positive Psychology

The German-speaking Association of Positive Pychology GAPP was founded in summer 2013.

Our Goals

  • GAPP aims at bringing the concept and methods of Positive Psychology to the attention of a broader public in the German-speaking countries.
  • GAPP supports the practical application of PP in areas such as coaching, psychotherapy, education, business and politics.
  • GAPP aims at ensuring high quality of PP application in the German-speaking countries.
  • GAPP wants to serve as a communication platform for initiatives which are rooted in academic application of PP. Guidelines for certification of applied trainings in PP have already been developed.

GAPP is chaired by psychologists Daniela Blickhan, MSc, MAPP and Judith Mangelsdorf, MSc, MAPP, MEd, who is also Head of the training section. The board consists of renowned university professors from Germany and Switzerland: Prof. Michael Eid, Prof. Kathrin Heinitz, Prof. Bernhard Schmitz and Prof. Willibald Ruch.

We cooperate with European and international PP associations such as ENPP Germany and IPPA International Positive Psychology Association.

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Trainings in Positive Psychology

In order to ensure high quality of PP application in the German-speaking countries, GAPP implemented a curriculum for trainings in Applied Positive Psychology and also set standards for the trainers who teach such courses.

These trainings comprise four levels:

  • Level 1, Certified Professional of PP, covers central concepts of PP and well-being in combination with relevant interventions (min. 15 days).
  • Level 2, Certified Consultant of PP: Here, participants deepen their knowledge and expertise in applied PP in specific contexts, e.g. coaching/ psychotherapy, business or education. Two modules of 4 days each are mandatory for certification.
  • Level 3, Certified Trainer of PP, enables participants to teach applied PP-courses of Level 1 and 2. Training consist of at least 15 days, focusing on training skills, didactics and special contents of PP which are relevant at this level of training.
  • Level 4, Certified Master Trainer of PP, are allowed to train PP trainers in Level 3.

These courses offer scientifically based training in applied PP in order to enable participants to use concepts and methods of PP in their area of professional expertise.

In all levels, certification requires the successful completion of extensive onsite-training in combination with a final paper (either case studies, a personal portfolio or a professional project).
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Where can you find GAPP-certified trainings in Europe?

Trainings in Applied Positive Psychology in Germany

In Germany, GAPP-certified training programs in applied Positive Psychology (PP) started in 2013. Currently, courses are offered regularly in Rosenheim (near Munich), Berlin, FrankfurtMuenster/ Dortmund , and near Zurich/ Basel.

Trainings in Applied Positive Psychology in Switzerland

Courses are offered regularly near Zurich/ Basel. Zurich university also offers a certified academic CAS course on PP.

Trainings in Applied Positive Psychology in Austria

The Austrian PP Association (appa) certified trainings in Austria. GAPP recognizes certificates awarded by appa.

Trainings in Applied Positive Psychology in the UK

In England, the first GAPP-certfied training in Applied Positive Psychology is about to start in 2017. It will be held near London (Godalming, Surrey).


See > here all accredited institutes for GAPP-certified trainings in Europe.



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